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I manage daily operations at Underground Fitness. My favorite lift is a power clean and my favorite movements are the devil press and the dumbbell snatch. I've been working out for 3 years. I thoroughly enjoy working with and motivating other women. You'll find that I'll push--but also support. I like to challenge the mind because the body is capable of so much more! 

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What began as a group of friends working out in my garage gym became the community of people who help me establish Underground Fitness in 2022. I like the high-skill movements like muscle-ups and handstand walks! I'm happy to help Evansville-area athletes take their skills to the next level.


I was looking for something besides running after I had a serious injury in 2020. I started working out with Andru in the fall of 2021—in his barn! In the spring of 2022, we made my old granite shop into a makeshift gym. In November 2022, we moved it all to 4020 E. Eichel Avenue and became Underground Fitness. Cross-training has been important to me for my physical recovery and my mental health. I’ve made friendships that I expect to last the rest of my life—and I’m stronger now than I have ever been!






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